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As 2017 begins the holiday fast-track to the end of the year, it seems that our new "Quality Talk" podcast is suddenly not-so-new

You're invited to listen in as “Quality Talk” focuses on the future. In episodes 14 and 15, we take a look at what to expect in healthcare in 2018. 

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In the first part of a two-part conversation, host Jodie Jackson Jr. talks with Robin Corderman, the director of project management at Primaris, about the ongoing changes in payment models and quality reporting requirements, and more, including drug prices, employer-driven innovation, and data security.

Quality Talk – Episode 14

When it comes to population health and the social determinants of health, one of our favorite questions at Primaris is, “What’s more important: My ZIP code or my genetic code?” Part 2 of our conversation about what we expect to see in healthcare in 2018 delves into the social determinants dialogue, as well as care coordination, bundled payments, and more refining of efforts to make quality reporting more uniform.

Quality Talk – Episode 15

We welcome your comments on our healthcare conversations, as well as input and suggestions on future episode topics and guests.

Thanks for listening!


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