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Registration is now open to self-nominate your group for GPRO for 2016 PQRS reporting.  You must select the method of reporting you plan to use, so please decide this prior to registering.  Registration is open from April 1 through June 30.  Complete information is available on the registration page.

Now is the time to review and ensure you have processes and documentation in place to improve your scores this year. Make sure practitioners know the measures and understand what the documentation must include to meet the CMS specifications and where in the medical record the data is located most easily. 

This month we will host a two-part webinar focused on the 2016 GPRO measures. The webinars will cover the 2016 GPRO measures, including abstraction flow and recommendations for improvement. Webinar.jpg

2016 GPRO Measures: Part 1
Tuesday, June 21 @ 12 noon CT
Part 1 presentation will include abstraction information and helpful tips. The following Preventative (PREV) Care Measures will be discussed: PREV-5, PREV-6, PREV-7, PREV-8, PREV-9, PREV-10, PREV-11, PREV-12, and PREV-13 (New Measure for 2016 Reporting). Register

2016 GPRO Measures: Part 2
Tuesday, June 28 @ 12 noon CT
Part 2 presentation will include abstraction information and helpful tips. The following measures will be discussed: CARE-2, CARE-3, CAD-7, DM-2, DM-7, HF-6, HTN-2, IVD-2, and MH-1. Register

Deadline to register for GPRO is June 30, 2016. There’s still time for performance improvement. Primaris performs GPRO abstraction and mock audits. Our abstractors work with you to pick 50-100 charts for each of the measures and composites. Our Mock GPRO project helps you benchmark where you’re at and provides a feedback report with opportunities for improvement.

Download GPRO  Benchmarking  Case Study
If you'd like to discuss a benchmarking project or abstraction for next year, please reach out to us at engage@primaris.org. Due to the short time period, we will only be taking a limited number of clients.

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