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The CathPCI Registry® is offered by the American College of Cardiology’s National Cardiovascular Data Registry (NCDR.) The CathPCI registry collects data for patients who receive diagnostic cardiac catheterization, including left heart caths and/or diagnostic coronary angiographies, as well as percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI.)

Hospitals have the option to submit only PCI cases. The NCDR offers data entry on the NCDR website, or sites may also choose to upload data through a participating software vendor.

Participants can view over 30 metrics on the CathPCI dashboard and can drill down to the patient level. This dashboard is aggregated weekly with the most recently submitted data.

Metrics include:

  • PCI risk-adjusted performance including mortality and bleeding events
  • PCI processes including discharge medications, door to balloon times for STEMI
  • PCI outcomes such as post procedure events/complications
  • Diagnostic processes
  • Utilization such as length of stay
  • AUC (appropriate use criteria) categorizing appropriateness of PCI procedures

The CathPCI offers a Comparator function to allow hospitals to compare their outcomes to other U.S. hospitals. Comparison groups include teaching vs non-teaching facilities, PCI volume, state, and number of beds. Individual physician dashboards are also available.

The CathPCI will offer voluntary public reporting in Fall 2015 on the CardioSmart.org website.  The initial metric reported will be Discharge Medications in Eligible PCI Patients. These guideline medications are aspirin and statin for attempted/completed PCI, and additionally a  P2Y12 inhibitor for PCI patients receiving a stent. Other metrics are expected to be added in the future.

Primaris is well versed in CathPCI Registry.  Customers are realizing the timeliness, accuracy and consistency of Primaris abstraction gives their facilities better outcomes sooner so that they may implement quality improvement initiatives almost in real time. 

Primaris has developed a new resource to help with CathPCI clinical documentation. The CathPCI key data elements pocket card was created to educate and aid Cardiologists in CathPCI clinical documentation. It contains the key data elements that abstractors must obtain primarily from physician procedure documentation.
The card front references elements for the diagnostic portion of the procedure. The reverse references elements for the interventional portion of the procedure.
Use of these cards can help facilitate education and communication between physicians and the quality team. This will help create more comprehensive and complete clinical documentation. 
 In turn, patients may be best placed into appropriate use classification and be better risk adjusted into mortality and bleeding risk adjusted metrics. 

Download pocket card

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