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Talking Mats provide a visual framework to help people with communication difficulties, such as those with dementia, express their wants and needs using a selection of communication symbols that cover many topics. For example, if a resident wants to take a bath, he or she could point to that symbol on the Talking Mat.

The Talking Mats allow residents to remain actively involved in their care and help staff to get to know their residents. Other benefits include the ability to find out residents’ views on the quality of the service they are receiving and to explore an issue of concern in more depth.

There are multiple types of sets of Talking Mats that work especially well in a residential care setting, such as the Social Care pack and the Health and Wellbeing pack. TalkingMats.com provides an online training so caregivers can use the mats to their best advantage. Talking Mats come in both hard copies and a digital app that can be downloaded in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

For more information, visit www.talkingmats.com.


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