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Quality Talk host Jodie Jackson Jr. joins the Primaris Foundation's Insurance Counseling Services team for a roundtable discussion about basic health insurance terms. The discussion also features a look at a series of health insurance mini workshops that the ICS team is undertaking.

Scott Miniea, ICS program manager; Lena Green, insurance counselor; and Tameka Whitney, insurance counselor and administrative specialist, provide a great Health Insurance 101 overview.

"We're trying to educate people in a more creative way," Scott says. For instance, the Affordable Care Act health insurance marketplace plans didn't have much advertising from the federal level, so creative approaches - and a strong collaboration with the Cover Missouri Coalition - were especially crucial.

Lena created a true/false, spin-the-wheel game that is especially clever. And Scott explains the similarity between bar tenders and pastors when it comes to getting the word out about the ACA health insurance marketplace.

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