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When it comes to healthcare quality improvement, core measures that focus on the more expensive conditions – in terms of lives and dollars – is central to the topic. And when it comes to the heart of Primaris’s pioneering leadership in healthcare quality improvement, there’s a distinct intersect and union with core measures.

When The Joint Commission – later with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services – began a pilot project on core measures in 1999, Primaris was among the first quality improvement organizations to participate. Now that quality reporting to registries has joined core measures, along with increasingly challenging reimbursement models that highlight the healthcare landscape, Primaris is still a leader in the value-based care picture.


Episode 22 of Quality Talk introduces and explains core measures and the pain-staking, detailed data abstraction that is necessary to show that hospitals are following cutting-edge, best practices in treating a number of high-cost conditions. Quality Talk host Jodie Jackson Jr. is joined by Primaris Quality Data Services Managers Amy Parsons and Verna Gallagher.

Listen in as Amy and Verna discuss the history of core measures, the challenge of keeping up with frequent changes in data abstraction and reporting specifications, the complexity of abstracting sepsis cases, and the risks of hospitals handling core measures abstraction and reporting in-house.

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