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A podcast dedicated to advancing better understanding of health care.

Our Crystal Ball: Looking Ahead at 2019.

Informal Dispute Resolution: Another Service Provided by Primaris

Hindsight is 20/20: Looking Back at Healthcare in 2018

Primaris Partners with AFMC for Security Risk Analysis Services

Kelsey Crowe: What to Say When You Don't Know What to Say

Robyn Benincasa: Bionic Hips and Living Adventures - Every Day

Happy Birthday, Quality Talk! We're Now 1-Year-Old.

Coffee With CLAIM: Step-By-Step Tips for Medicare Open Enrollment

Episode 50: HealthcareForward Pitches Valuable Awareness-Raising, Patient Safety Questions

Suicide Prevention: Primary Care Is Behavioral Health Care

Healthmonix Teams With Primaris: the Nuts and Bolts of a New Partnership

'Deadly Deliveries:' Quality Talk Examines Rising Maternal Death Rate

Dr. Monica Bertagnolli: ASCO Seeks to Conquer Cancer

Blossoming Genomics, Vertical Integrations, And Better Health

MACRA and MIPS, Meet PROMs and PREMs: Healthcare in Australia

The Land Down Under: Ramsay Health Care, Australia

Stemming the Tides of Physician Burnout, Digital Distress

Secrets of Smoking Puppies and the Futile Pursuit of Silver Bullets

Quality Talk Episode 40: Sue Jacques, From Corpses to Carpe Diem

Episode 39: Dr. Suneel Dhand On Monarchies, Patients, and Quality Care

Episode 38 - The 7 Stages of the Health Data Life Cycle

Episode 37: What is Your EMS Patient Safety Culture?

Episode 36 - Podcast Revisits Crystal Ball for 2018

Episode 35 - For Health Care, Disruption is The New Normal

Episode 34 - Project vs. Program, Jason Kidd vs. Michael Jordan

Episode 33: Partnering With Primaris - Audio AND Video

Episode 32 - Population Health: Diving Into Social Determinants Research With Dr. Andrew Beck

Episode 31: Putting Care Back Into Health care With Christine Wheary

Episode 30 - Primaris CEO Recaps 2018 Q1: 'Amazon Eats the World,' Bundled Payments, and Other Highlights

Episode 29 - Health Disparities and Food Deserts

Episode 28 - Understanding EQRO: What Does an External Quality Review Organization Do?

Episode 27 - Coffee With CLAIM: Aging Into Medicare

Health Insurance 101: Co-Pays, Deductibles, Co-Insurance, and More

Episode 25: Tick Tock - MIPS Clock Counts Down on 2017

Episode 23 - Patient Safety Awareness Week and Patient Safety Forum Just Around the Corner

Dr. Pamela Wible Sounds Alarm on Physician Suicide

Episode 22: The Core Measures/Primaris Intersection

Episode 21 - Chatting With AMA President Dr. David Barbe

Episode 20: 'Brave Enough' Author's Lessons From 2017

Episode 19: Why Is Health Care So Expensive? Marshall Allen Reports.

Being "Brave Enough:" 10 Things I Learned In 2017

Will Megamergers Improve Cost of Health Care?

Medical Error: The High Cost to Lives and Health Care

Looking Ahead: What We're Watching in 2018


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