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The GPRO abstraction tool is the technical heart of Primaris GPRO abstraction efforts. First introduced in 2014, Primaris' abstraction tool streamlines the client-vendor process.

Custom built for our professional abstractors to support the unique requirements of GPRO reporting efforts, the tool enables faster and more complete organization, tracking, reporting and ongoing quality control efforts. Not only does the tool increase abstractor efficiency and reduce errors, it also allows the customer to review their scores in real-time as the abstractors are abstracting the record. 

As a quality improvement organization, we are constantly reviewing our efforts and identifying opportunities for improvement. After this past year’s reporting period, we asked for feedback from our clients and received some very important and beneficial insight into updates you would like for the tool.

The result is a large number of slated improvements underway to the GPRO abstraction tool we are excited
to share with you. New features include:

  • Expanded filtering and searches
  • Updated dashboard
  • Abstraction logic updates
  • Abstraction cap on rankings
  • Updated security
  • Improved reporting capabilities
  • Enhanced Inter-rating review (IRR)

ACOs have more complex and specializedvGPRO abstraction challenges. Theirvorganizations typically consist of multiplevpractices, practice types, locations, sizes,voffice workflows and technology. Many
have a mixture of multiple EHRs and paper that make the patient driven GPRO abstraction challenging across three NPI numbers that contain information in three very different places.

Working closely with our ACO clients, Primaris is making specific investments to enhance the GPRO tool
2016 for ACO support, including:

  • Enhanced filtering and sorting by practice and NPI within the ACO
  • Ehanced tracking by both measure and NPI number

In short, Primaris is investing heavily to make our GPRO Abstraction tool faster, lighter and better for the 2016-2017 year. We hope that our clients as pleased with these changes to the GPRO abstraction tool as we are, and we can make our joint 2016 reporting period more efficient and effective.

For more information about Primaris’ abstraction services, visit our GPRO abstraction services webpage or email engage@primaris.org.

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