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Primaris Project Manager Stefanie Honeycutt was recently selected to participate in the CathPCI Registry NCDR.17 Curriculum Work Group.

The NCDR Annual Conference is planned by the NCDR.17 Curriculum Planning Work Group and registry-specific planning work groups, such as the CathPCI Registry Curriculum Work Group that Honeycutt is a member of. These multidisciplinary teams are made up of front-line participants, physicians and ACC staff; they bring a range of expertise and viewpoints to the learning program.

Honeycutt joins a team of four quality and data professionals whose organizations all participate in the CathPCI Registry. These five individuals are a representive mix of the entire CathPCI community and are combined with a panel of Clinical Quality Consultants from NCDR to form the work group.

This work group creates an opportunity for NCDR to view thing from the user’s perspective and gain insight into the topics and resources needed to best equip the registry users. They will review prior CathPCI topics and discuss current registry developments to determine what is most beneficial to share with participants at the 2017 conference. Ultimately, this team is helping shape the future of CathPCI Registry abstraction education.

“With the upcoming release of Version 5, CathPCI will be a hot topic at next year’s conference,” said Primaris Director of Operations Stacey Arens-Wilson. “Stefanie’s participation helps position Primaris’ abstraction team ahead of the game and shows our commitment to being a leader in registry abstractions.”

More than 1,400 registry professionals, quality experts, cardiovascular administrators and physicians from across the country gather each year for the NCDR Annual Conference. NCDR.17 is slated to take place on on March 13-15, 2017 in Washington, DC. 

Check out, NCDR.16 Recap: New Registries, Program Updates, and what to do with all that data, to see what you missed at last year's conference.  

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