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Download your CMS Web Interface Measures Pocket Cards

These cards guide you through the CMS Web Interface Measures.
Primaris - CMS Web Interface Pocket Card Image.jpg

Start using your cards today!

The pocket cards educate and aid you on the 2018 CMS Web Interface Measures. They're a quick reference check for each measure on the eligible Medicare patient population, documentation needed to meet the measure, and exclusion/exception criteria.* 

The first card references the eight preventive health measures. The second card references care coordination measures on the front side and at risk population measures on the back side.

Use of this card helps create a more comprehensive and complete clinical understanding of documentation needed for quality reporting and patient care.

*This card is for reference only. It is not a comprehensive list of all requirements. Please refer to CMS Quality Measure Specifications for exact details. Exclusion: Patients with conditions who should be removed from the measure population and denominator before determining if the numerator criteria (quality action) is met.  Exception: Patient qualified for the measure, but there is an allowable reason the numerator criteria (quality action) was not met.

Download your cards here.