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Health Data Life Cycle Next Steps: Normalize and Aggregate the Data

Core Measures: Sepsis Challenges Healthcare Teams And Data Abstractors

Healthcare News: Amazon's Disruption; Hospital M&A Pitfalls; Health Disparities

The Art of The Health Data Life Cycle: Find and Capture the Data

Core Measures Target Costliest, Common Conditions

Healthcare News: EHR Burden; Walgreens-Humana?; CMS Tackles Rx $

Primaris, AFMC Partner to Provide Security Risk Analysis Services to Clients for MIPS and HIPAA

Healthcare News: CVS/Aetna Deal; California Fire; MIPS Money

Self-Management is Key to Living Well With Diabetes

3 Things to Look for When Outsourcing Data Abstraction

Healthcare News: Mandatory Oncology Payment Model; PCPs and Their PCs; CVS/Aetna Deal

3 Tips for Leveraging Data for Quality Improvement and Financial Gain

Healthcare News: 340B Decision; Telehealth; 'Dr. Grey' Errs; M&A Binge.

4 Quick Tips to Ease the Transition to Value-Based Healthcare

5 Tasks for Your CMS Web Interface To-Do List

Primaris Marketing Earns 2018 MarCom Awards

Time is the Most Important Element for CMS Web Interface Reporting

Healthcare News: ACOs and MSSP; Rx Ads; Vatican Blesses Merger

Primaris Joins National Healthcare Quality Week Celebration

3 Key Lessons Learned With CMS Web Interface Reporting

Healthcare News: Antibiotic Misuse; Bundled Payments; CVS-Aetna OK'd; MIPS Scores

Root Cause Analysis: A Critical Component of Quality Improvement

5 Steps: Get Started Now for CMS Web Interface Reporting

Healthcare News: NAACOS Pans Proposal; Gawande is HIMSS Keynote; Physician Suicide

Quick Tips: 7 Traits To Look For In Data Abstractors

Are You Drowning in Healthcare Data?

Healthcare News: Putting Patients First; Easing Readmission Penalties; Data Breach Study

NAACOS, NAHQ, and IHI: We're Gearing Up for the 2018 Primaris Road Trip

Case Study: Rainy Lake Medical Center Solves Data Abstraction Distraction

Healthcare News: Cigna-Express Scripts; Physician Suicide; Addiction Myths

TMF/Primaris Receive High Marks for Medicare Improvement Initiatives

The Health Data Life Cycle and the Road to Value-Based Care

Healthcare News: ACO Medicare Savings; EHR Debate; eScooter Craze

Are You Ready? Understand and Act on the Data

Healthcare News: Disruption Timeline; Gender Pay Gap; Healthcare Prices

Who's Checking the Numbers? Time to Report the Data

Healthcare News: CMS Payment Rule; Drug Ads; 'Epidemic' of Loneliness

Burnout Relief? Stop Overloading Nurses With Data Abstraction

Healthcare News: Physician Shortage; ACO MSSP Update; Maternal Safety

Weekly Roundup: ACO Overhaul; EHR Profits Dip; Caregiver Burnout

How to Solve 3 of Care Coordination's Biggest Problems

Healthcare News: Part B Rx Prices, GM's Health Move, Bundled Payments

Healthcare News: Maternal Deaths; Troubling Sepsis Stats; More Mergers

People and Partners: The 5 "Ps" of Quality Measures Abstraction

Registry Abstraction: The Mysterious Case of The Missing Data

Healthcare News: Payment Pitch; Burnout Battle; Sepsis Strides

Let's Talk About It: July Is Minority Mental Health Month

Healthcare News: Rural Hospitals; Stark Law; Data, Social Determinants

Healthcare News: MIPS; Caring Care Transitions; Social Determinants

Preventive Care: Stacking the Deck for Holistic Care

QUALITY MEASURES: This is about my salary? Now you have my attention

Healthcare News: Amazon Buys PillPack; Online Prices; Physician Mental Health

Heart Health Bonanza: 'Get With The Guidelines' Boosts Cardiac Focus

Weekly Roundup: Gawande is CEO; APM Myths; Mergers Boost Costs

Primaris CEO Explains 'Alphabet Soup' And Health Data Life Cycle

Healthcare News: Costs; EHR Training Needed; Talking About Suicide

Is Your Healthcare Team Ready for Quality Reporting? Pick Your Partner

Weekly Roundup: MACRA Under Fire; Amazing Nurses; Boomers and Health IT

Is Your Lineup Ready for Quality Reporting? Your Patient is the MVP

Keeping Track: 20 Stats and Preventive Care Facts

Weekly Roundup: Tight EHR Market; Rx Prices, TV Ads; Medicare Contracting; ER Spending; Go Ahead, Laugh

Is Your Lineup Ready for Quality Reporting? The New Frontier of Healthcare

Weekly Roundup: Merger Concerns;  ACO Reforms; Patient Safety; Physician Suicide; Shingles

Is Your Lineup Ready for Quality Reporting? Play Ball: Data, Data Everywhere

Weekly Roundup: Drug Prices; Physician Wages; Amazon's AI; Google Data Study; 'Laurel' or 'Yanny'?

Is Your Healthcare Team Ready For Quality Reporting? Who's On First?

Mental Health Month: Focus on Fitness #4MIND4BODY

Mother's Day Opened National Women's Health Week

Weekly Roundup: More Outsourcing?; Verma on ACO Risk; Staff Shortages; Patient Records; Brain Freeze

The Year of The Patient: Focusing on Data For Population Health

What's Your Blood Pressure? May is the Month for Stroke, Hypertension Awareness

Weekly Roundup: New MIPS Category; FDA Seeks EHR; Risk-Based ACOs; Fentanyl; Allergic to Kissing?

Are You Struggling to Stay Afloat with Quality Reporting?

Weekly Roundup: CMS Overhauls MU; Reusable Scopes; Online Patient Reviews; Hospital Cost Price Tags?

Patient Safety Reflects an Organization's Culture

Staff Morale and Quality Data: Now, Let's Eat an Elephant

Weekly Roundup: DSH Appeal; Battling Burnout; #MeToo and Medicine; Genetic Testing; Spider Bites

Charts Piling Up? How to Catch Up With Abstractions

MIPS Updates: 2018 Eligibility Tool Now Available; CMS Announces 'Study on Burdens' for Quality Reporting

Weekly Roundup: Facebook Scandal; Deadly Errors; Merger Mania; Patients Press 'Record'; Asthma

3 Tips: Leverage Data, Succeed With MACRA and MIPS

Weekly Roundup: Walmart-Humana; New EHR System?; 'Nightmare Bacteria'; Hospital Evolution; Ascension

MIPS and Medicare News You Can Use: Data Submission Has Closed; First Wave of New Medicare Cards Mailed

How to Use Data to Improve Healthcare While Also Staying Focused on Patients

BREAKING NEWS: CMS Extends MIPS Deadline to April 3

Weekly Roundup: Amazon, Apple - Now Walmart?; Newborns and Opioids; Family Physicians, Unsung Heroes

Primaris Vision, Mission, and Values: 'Quality is at the Core of Who We Are and What We Do'

Last-Minute MIPS Tips For Dealing With EIDM Heartburn

Weekly Roundup: AHRQ in Peril; AHIP Priorities; Best Medical Schools; AMA Decries Prior Authorizations

Why Registries Are More Essential Now Than Ever

Weekly Roundup: ECRI's Top 10; Nurse Shortage; Amazon's Discount; Battling Waste; CJR Bundles

Core Measures: Data Helps Achieve 'The Best Care, Every Patient, Every Time'

Primaris CEO Offers Insight on Growing Need for Technology and EHR Integration

Core Measures: Quality Reporting Season Never Ends

Weekly Roundup: HIMSS18 - MU Overhaul, Data Sharing, Google; Disparities; Cigna-Express Deal

Weekly Roundup: ACA Lawsuit, Sepsis And Readmissions, Value-Based Care, MIPS Burdens, TELADOC  Gets BOOST

Why DIY Is Risky For Core Measures Data Abstraction When Your Staff Is Already Overloaded

Weekly Roundup: AHA Seeks Bundle Delay; CMS Boosts Value-Based Care; Amazon's OTC Line; 'Serenity Now!'

Core Measures: Sepsis Presents Challenges For Healthcare Systems And Data Abstractors

Weekly Roundup: DSH Cuts Delayed; Flu Shot Woes; Physician Pay; Training Dr. Robot; Your Body's Noises

Weekly Roundup: Budget Deal and Health Care, Bundled Payments, Physicians' Income, Rx Prices

The Year of The Patient: Using Data to Improve Patient Experience (And Revenue)

Weekly Roundup: Amazon Rattles Healthcare; Rural Hospitals; Pop Health; New Medicare Cards

The Year of The Patient: Population Health, The Ultimate Focus

Weekly Roundup: Apple's Health App; ACOs Missed Millions; Top Health IT Trends; Opioids; Tattoos

The Year of The Patient: Is Technology Replacing Our 'Human Touch?'

Weekly Roundup: MedPAC Says Nix MIPS; New Drug Company; Bundled Payments; Amazon And HIPAA

The Year of the Patient: Value-Based Care Transforms Patients Into Consumers

Weekly Roundup: Azar's Priorities; Bundled Payments; MACRA Reporting; Physicians and Taxes; Your Brain

The Physician Is In: A How-To Guide For Motivational Interviewing

4 Tips to Get an Early Start on 2018 MIPS Reporting

Weekly Roundup: EHR Class-Action Suit; Life Expectancy; Big Data; MACRA; Bumpy Roads From 2017

As 2018 Begins, Health IT Enters Those 'Awkward Teen years'

Merry Christmas

Weekly Roundup: Healthcare in 2018; Health IT, Big Data; CMS Star Ratings; EHRs and Patient Safety

Looking Ahead: What We're Watching in 2018

Weekly Roundup: More Megamergers; ACO Shared Savings; Berwick on Value-Based Care; 2018 Trends to Watch; Opioid Quiz

Take 2, More Than Money: 5 Reasons to Maximize MIPS Scores

Healthcare Uncertainty Abounds, But Deadlines Are Clear

Weekly Roundup: CVS/AETNA Merger; Pop Health And ACOs; Nurses Battle Burnout; MIPS Replacement?

How to Tackle Two of the Common MIPS Headaches

4 Obstacles in the Transition to Value-based Care

Weekly Roundup: Bundles Axed; ACOs Boost Quality; High Cost of Food Allergies; Docs Not MACRA-Ready

Planning Ahead: How to Prepare for MIPS in 2018

7 Steps to Manage MACRA's Goals for Population Health

Weekly Roundup: Nurses vs. AMA; flu shot policy; maternal mortality; telehealth revenue Potential

Optimizing MIPS Scores: What's Your Strategy?

Double-Take: When Your Reports Show 'Pregnant Men and Smoking  Babies'

Weekly Roundup: MACRA's Ocean of Data; Patient Safety; Pop Health and Social Determinants; MIPS Quality Measures

Cost Will Count: MIPS Changes Coming in the Year 2 Quality Payment Program Rule

TMF, Primaris Initiate Diabetes Awareness Day

Weekly Roundup: MIPS Rules for 2018; ACOs Around the  World; APMs and Big Data; Bedbugs

New Alphabet Soup of MIPS Requires Strong Data Skills

How to Manage the Steep Burden of Quality Reporting

Weekly Roundup: Hospitals Sue CMS; ACOs Reap Savings; Data Challenges; Humor in Medicine; MIPS and APMs

MIPS Tips: 20 Steps for Your To-Do List

'Quality Talk': Primaris Launches Healthcare Podcast

Weekly Roundup: Hospital Readmissions; CMS Drug Plan Pushback; Big Data; Addicted to Fee-For-Service?

Security Risk Analysis: What You Need to Know Now

The 'Sweet Spot' Where Healthcare Quality and Operational Efficiency Meet

Weekly Roundup: ACOs, Medicare and Value-Based Care; EHR Value; MIPS Reporting; and Adult ADHD. 

5 Ways to Prepare For CMS Web Interface Reporting

2017 MarCom Awards Recognize Primaris' Marketing Excellence

#HQW2017: We're Celebrating by Recognizing Our Team's Commitment to Quality

Weekly Roundup: Healthcare Predictions; MACRA/MIPS Pushback; Nurse Shortage; Bundled Payments

FAQ: Yes, GPRO Became CMS Web Interface

Care Coordination: Finding the Key to MIPS Success

Weekly Roundup: MedCAP says scrap MIPS; EHR interoperability; When tragedy strikes

the No. 1 Need for  CMS Quality Reporting Season? Time

Depression Awareness Month: Treating the Whole Patient

Weekly Roundup: MIPS Options; Alzheimer's Tests; Cybersecurity Myths; EHR Challenges; Medical Errors

Plan Now and Make Quality Reporting Season Less Stressful

Hitting the Road: NAHQNext and Now NAACOs

Weekly Roundup: MACRA, APM options limited' for some; pop health, EHRs and super bugs; Amazon and Rx?

3 Quality Reporting Pitfalls to Avoid When Using CMS Web Interface

Details, Dates and Deadline: CMS Web Interface Reporting Period Starts Jan. 22

Weekly Roundup: Mysterious MACRA; EHR demands; sharing pop health data; Google limits rehab ads

CMS Web Interface Reporting: 5 Things You Can Do Now to Optimize Quality Scores

More Than Money: 5 Reasons to Maximize MIPS Scores

Weekly Roundup: Utah Nurse Arrest; Sepsis costs; ICD-10; Med School Debt; Phobia Quiz

7 Tips: Make Registry Abstraction Less Stressful

Patient Safety Reflects an Organization's Culture

Weekly Roundup: Hurricane Harvey and Hospitals; DSH Cuts Looming; Anthem Imaging Policy; MACRA

Healthcare Quality reporting 'Season' is Always Open

Holy MACRA! New Medicare Cards are Coming, too

Weekly Roundup: Eclipse Eye Damage; QPP, MACRA, EHR; Best Practices; and 'Brain Fog'

The Future is Now: How to Unlock Healthcare Data For Quality Improvement

Tips for Taking Advantage of Chronic Care Management Revenue

Weekly Roundup: Bundles delayed; Patient Engagement; battling burnout; bust your clutter

Take Steps Now to Capture Data That You Can Use for Quality Improvement

From GPRO to CWI: Quality Reporting 'Season' Never Ends

Weekly Roundup: Docs Decry MIPS; Advocate Saves Big; ACO Challenges; Adult ADHD

How to Avoid Stumbling Over Data Abstraction Requirements

5 Steps for Designing and Executing an Effective PIPs

Weekly Roundup: Alexa, Refill my Rx; ACOs missed Big Bucks; Mental Health Costs; Swing Your Arms

Piecing Together the Quality Improvement Puzzle

Weekly Roundup: EMR or EHR?, EMS Assault Risks, MACRA Quiz, Amazon dips Toe into Healthcare

How to Take Full Advantage of Your Quality Data

Primaris ROI Calculator Offers Estimate on Data Abstraction Savings

Value-Based Care: 'Talk About My Paycheck ... You Have My Attention'

Weekly Roundup: Our Recommended Reading List

Patient Satisfaction, Data, and the Revenue Connection

5 Keys to Understanding 'Improvement Activities' Under MIPS

Weekly Roundup: Our Recommended Reading List

5 Keys to Creating a New Healthcare Culture

Weekly Roundup: Our Recommended Reading List

7 Steps to Manage MACRA's Drive Toward Population health

Accountable Care Organizations Find Unique Spot in MIPS Reporting Equation

Weekly Roundup: Our Recommended Reading List

What is the Most Important Question in Your Quality Reporting Game Plan?

Does GPRO by any Other Name Smell Just as Sweet?

Are You Taking Advantage of New Chronic Care Management Revenue Opportunities?

Weekly Roundup: Our Recommended Reading List

Is the Alphabet Soup of MACRA and MIPS Causing You Indigestion?

Are You Ready? The Clock Ticks Towards MIPS Reporting Decision Deadline

Weekly Roundup: Our Recommended Reading List

CMS Revamps Quality Payment Program Website Along With New Resources

How to Overcome QAPI Challenges

Coming Up: MidwayUSA CEO Larry Potterfield is Keynote Speaker at Free Baldrige Event

How to Keep Data From Shifting Your Focus from Quality Healthcare

Roundup: Our Recommended Weekend Reading List

Check out Our Resources to Help with QAPI Planning

From Concept To Reality: The Arrival of Value-Based Care

Navigating the Rapids of Healthcare Quality Improvement

How to Improve Health Quality when Patients Don't Seem to Listen

Primaris Helps Nursing Homes with QAPI Implementation

Resources to Know for Registry Abstraction Success

'Get with the Guidelines-CAD' Relaunches--What is the impact for hospitals participating in 'Mission: Lifeline'?

How to Manage the Burden of Quality Reporting

May is The Month to Focus on You & Your Blood Pressure

10 Simple and Effective QAPI Planning Tips

Hospitals, The Healing Heart of Healthcare

2017 is the year of the healthy nurse

What Providers Should Know About Using Registries For Chronic Disease Management

Sharpen Your Care Coordination Skills for MIPS Success

QAPI Program: Should nursing homes do it themselves or hire a consultant?

Primaris Recognizes Local Clinic for Behavioral Health Screenings

What Tools Do You Need To Build A Successful QAPI Program?

4 Obstacles in Transition to Value-based Care

CMS Reimbursements Show Commitment to Strengthening Chronic Care – Are You On Board?

Alcohol Awareness Month: Let's Talk the Facts

10 Ways Hospitals Can Make Registry Abstraction Easier

New Survey Reveals Small Practices are Unprepared for MACRA

The Annual Wellness Visit: A Win-Win for Providers and Patients

5 Tips for Effectively Managing Quality Measure Reporting

Are You Ready for MIPS?

Chronic Care Management: Breaking down the basics

Essential Resources for Registry Abstraction Updates

#PSAW2017: Patient Safety Awareness Week is happening now

Here's How You Can Catch Up for Good with Chart Abstractions

Primaris to help rural healthcare providers navigate federal Quality Payment Program

We're Packing Our Bags for Spring Conferences

Are You Struggling to Stay Afloat with Quality Reporting?

Performance Year Begins for Aledade Missouri ACO

When it Comes to Data Abstraction, Quality Checks Improve Accuracy

The Countdown Begins for 2016 PQRS Reporting

Here are some key issues ACOS can expect in 2017

Healthcare leaders continue to push for value-based care

Do You Have Your Team Line-up for Value-based Care?

Are We Equipping Care Coordinators For Success?

A new year, a new you: Primaris affiliate unveils new branding

A Look at How Small Practices Can Survive Large Healthcare Changes

5 Reasons To Step Up Your Data Abstraction Game

CMS recognizes Primaris for efforts to help transform our nation's healthcare system

What Can You Expect When Transitioning To A New Payment Model?

Primaris Raises Funds for Local Children

What can we expect in healthcare in 2017?

Look Outside Your Organization For Opportunities To Improve Efficiency

5 Reasons to Choose Primaris for Help with QAPI

Certainties in a Changing Healthcare Industry

Value-Based Care Requires Sharing Responsibility For Patient Outcomes

Population Health Management: It's Time to Take the Plunge

How You Can Provide Diabetes Education in Your Community

Improving Efficiency is Vital During MIPS' First Year

Partnering with Primaris for Data Abstraction—What’s It Like?

Show-Me ECHO Program Provides Online Support for Healthcare Providers

Physicians Are Behind Schedule on MACRA Preparations

MIPS CPIAs: How to Apply them to Your Practice

Primaris PQRS Reporting Numbers You Should Know

Here are Some Essential MACRA Resources for Physicians

#MGMA16: MACRA, ACOs, Practice Transformation, and more

Taking Steps Toward Technology-Supported Population Health Management

More Accountability for Health Outcomes is Motivation to Focus on Population Health Management

Primaris Brings Home Platinum, Gold at 2016 MarCom Awards

GPRO 2016: The Top Ten Reporting Changes You Need to Know

MACRA Ruling Buys Time for Workflow Adjustments Aimed at Managing Population Health

What Happens to Healthcare After the Election?

5 Signs Your Population Health Management Efforts are On Track

Basic MACRA Terms and Concepts Primary Care Physicians Need to Know

World Pneumonia Day: A Perfect Time to Talk about GPRO Prev-8

Being an ACO in a GPRO World: Ever Get the Feeling the World is a Tuxedo and You're a Pair of Brown Shoes?

15 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself About Healthcare Quality Reporting

Data, Data Everywhere, But Nor a Drop to Report

7 Important Things to Understand About QAPI

A Quick Look At How Primaris Helps With Quality Reporting

Are You Using Your QRUR & PQRS Feedback Reports to Guide Your Quality Improvement Efforts?

Make a Change for the Better, Outsource Your Data Abstraction

Three Quality Reporting Things You Are Doing Wrong

#HQW16: We're Celebrating Primaris' Commitment to Quality

Primaris helps spur improvement in leading registry

Make The Connection Between Quality Reporting And Quality Improvement

Get Ready! Next Week is Healthcare Quality Week

Diabetes Empowerment Education Program (DEEP) Teaches Self-Care

Plan Ahead To Minimize Quality Reporting Stress

The Sad State of Uncoordinated Care in the U.S.

Knowing Your Data is Key to Bundled Payments Success

Nurses Are Superheroes, but Should they be Data Abstractors?

Thanks for stepping up, Missouri, to fight C.difficile

How Well are You Really Managing Your Population Health?

Primaris merges with Digital Collaboration Solutions

Primaris' Honeycutt Selected for NCDR.17 Curriculum Work Group

Taking the First Steps Towards Building a QAPI Program

The Connection between Healthcare Quality and Operational Efficiency

World Sepsis Day: Stop Sepsis, Save Lives

Next Steps for 2016 PQRS Reporting

Making Primary Care More Efficient

"Excellence Takes Perseverance" -- Don't Miss this FREE Event

Make Efficiency Improvements to Prepare for MIPS

How to Use Your Annual QRUR and PQRS Feedback Reports for Improvement

Primaris is taking GPRO abstraction to new heights

August Healthcare Quality News from Primaris

Hospitals and Health Systems: Take Aim at Readmissions and Improve Efficiency

How to Improve Delivery of Person-Centered Care

15 Questions to Ask When Planning Efficiency Improvements

Time is running out for Missouri nursing homes to join fight to stop C.difficile

Transform Your Organization with an Effective QAPI Program

Say Goodbye to Medication Errors

Six Things to Know About the Future of ACOs

Aledade Expands Presence with new ACO in Missouri

MACRA rules: Ten things to know about the new healthcare law

Business Case for Nursing Homes to Join the Challenge to Reduce CDI

Ten Things To Know About ACOs and Risk Sharing

Cardiac Cath Lab Accreditation Utilizing CathPCI Registry Data

Why You Can't Afford Not to Have a QAPI Program

ACOs and the Population Health Management Challenge

Demystifying MACRA: Aledade & Primaris to Host Educational Event

Five Things to Do Today to Prepare for MACRA

Physician's Commitment to Cultural Change Leads to ACO Success

PQRS GPRO 2016: What to Do in the Next 6 Months

"Playing Nice with Others" is Vital for Care Coordination

Joining an ACO? Do These 3 Things First

IPFQR: Keys to Successful 2017 Reporting

An Evidence-Based Approach to Reducing Inpatient Falls

Preparing for Value-Based Care: Questions for Every Skilled Nursing Facility

Green, Yellow, Red: How to Decipher What Your DQR is Telling You

Why Inter-Rater Reliability Matters & How to Do It

Updated Resource Catalog Has All the Tools You Need

Learning to operate under the value-based payment model

Which Method of GPRO Reporting is Right for You?

How Your Mission Statement & Core Values Impact Patient Experience

Why Care Coordination is No Longer an Option

Is GPRO Reporting a Good Option for You?

Primaris to host free one-day QAPI program

Understanding the 2016 PQRS GPRO Measures

Small Changes in Care Coordination Make a Big Impact in Patient Outcomes

May Healthcare Quality News from Primaris

Here's How Nursing Homes Become Value-Based Performance Leaders

Quality Measures Abstraction--Are You Drowning in Data?

Nursing Homes: How Ready are You for Value-Based Payments?

Baldrige & Healthcare: A Road Map to Quality Improvement

Lack of Care Coordination Leads to Chaos and Confusion

3 Ways Nursing Homes Can Prepare for Value-Based Payments

Four Ways to Make Quality Measures Work For You

Value-Based Performance: What Every Nursing Home Should Understand

Hospital Quality Reporting Deadlines Approaching

Care Coordination Proves to be a Hot Topic for All

3 Value-Based Care Questions for Nursing Homes

April Healthcare Quality News from Primaris

Patient Safety Report Focuses on Medical Errors & How to Prevent Them

2015 Mid-Year QRUR Reports Available Now!

Patient Experience Leaders – Key Players In The Transition To Value-Based Care

NCDR16 Recap: New Registries, Program Updates, and what to do with all that data

2016 PQRS GPRO Registration Now Open: Five Steps You Can Take to Prepare

Should A Quality Improvement Partner Be Part Of Your Value-Based Healthcare Team?

The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard about Care Coordination

Electronic Health Reporter: Value-Based Reimbursements Depend on Optimized EHRs

Is Resident Experience Long-Term Care's Key to Beating Competitors?

Put Health Information Technology to Use for Chronic Disease Management

Patient Experience and Clinical Performance, The Crossroads of Quality Improvement

Another Successful GPRO Season is Completed

Pop Health Management: Whole Data for Whole Care

“Frenemies” No More: 5 Steps to Improve Communication between Hospitals & Nursing Homes

March Healthcare Quality News from Primaris

Aledade and Primaris Present Missouri ACO for Primary Care Physicians

Population Health Management: What Do We Do with All this Data?

NCDR, and NAACOS and CPS, oh my…Primaris Hits the Road

How much time are you spending on quality reporting?

The Quality Measures Payers Agree On

Leap into Patient Safety! #PSAW2016 is Here.

The Number One Reason Why Care Coordination Matters

Population Health Management: Who's in the Driver's Seat?

Health for Life: A Cost-Effective Approach to Diabetes Self-Management

Pop Health: It's All About that Data

3 Little Changes That Will Make a Big Difference with Care Coordination

Stop the “Revolving Door”: What Assisted Living Needs to Know about Readmissions

February Healthcare Quality News from Primaris

Share your 2016 care coordination priorities

Aledade, Primaris to Create New Primary Care Physician-Led ACO

What are you planning for Patient Safety Awareness Week?

Why Long-Term Care Can’t Ignore Care Coordination

Balanced Scorecards: Is Your Organization Up to Par?

Do This To Improve Transitions Between Acute and Long-Term Care

Are you ready for 2016 PQRS reporting?

Nursing Homes: Why Care Coordination is Like a Party

Population Health Management: It's Time to Act

Do you have a failure to communicate?

4 Patient-Centered Strategies to Generate Value-Based Reimbursement

INTERACT: A Quality Improvement Tool For Long-Term Care

January Healthcare Quality News from Primaris

Without Care Coordination Healthcare Providers Are Simply Playing A Game Of Telephone

Care Coordination: Seeing the Person in the Patient

4 Things Everyone in the Healthcare Industry Should Be Focused On

3 in 4 hospitals hit with readmission penalties – what can you do about it?

What the CMS benchmarks mean for 2017 Value Modifier calculation

Primaris receives contract to help physicians use technology for patient care

Do EHRs Help or Hurt the Patient Experience?

Use EHRs To Deliver A Better Patient Experience

Top 10 Posts of 2015

What the Final 2016 PQRS Rules Mean for Groups

Hospitals: Identify What Patients Want You to Do Differently

What to Avoid While Working to Become a PCMH

3 Common Patient Experience Problems Solved

December Healthcare Quality News from Primaris

High-Tech, High-Touch: How Care Transitions Improve Quality

Lessons From Healthcare’s Patient Experience Top-Performers

Managing Chronic Conditions in Older Adults

Why Everyone Should Love Efficiency!

Patient Experience vs Patient Satisfaction – Is There A Difference?

6 Savvy Ways to Spend Your Care Coordination Budget

How To Take Control of Your Patient Community

Primary Care Teams: Take Internal Communication to the Next Level

Turkey Day Edition of Healthcare Quality News

5 Inspiring Value-Based Care Leadership Lessons

Tips for Better Population Health Management

Population Health Management: Your Checklist for Success

Applying Evidence-Based Guidelines for Greater ACO Success

Comparing Episodic vs. Holistic Care

How to measure success and impact quality outcomes

Make Pre- and Post-Discharge Improvements to Reduce Hospital Readmissions

How to Avoid PCMH Burnout and Motivate Staff during Certification

Primaris Wins Three Gold Awards in 2015 MarCom Awards

Value-Based Care Tips for Physicians

Why Outsourced Abstraction is Best

ACOs:Is the Glass Half Full?

19 Ways to Value-Based Payment Success

Featured Registry ACS NSQIP; Congratulations Susan Gonzales

Meet Verna Gallagher, Quality Measures Senior Project Manager #HQW

Efficiency Improvement Misses that Kill Revenue Opportunities

Meet Stacey Arens-Wilson, Quality Measures Senior Project Manager #HQW

Meet Candy Walk, Quality Measures Project Manager #HQW

Reaching Borderline and At-Risk Patients

Meet Jill Daniel, Quality Measures Project Manager #HQW

Meet Stefanie Honeycutt, Cardiac Registries Project Manager

LEAN, Leading, Chaos and Opportunity: What We Learned from #MGMA15

Meet Jennifer Resendez, Quality Measures Project Manager

Change Unhealthy Behavior with Pop Health

Meet Gayle Burton, our Director Commercial Operations

It's Healthcare Quality Week! #NAHQ

Breaking Down ACO Challenges - Improvements You Can Make Now

EHR Incentive Program Final Rules

How to Use Your 2014 Annual QRUR for Improvement

Influenza Immunization Measure Q&A from QualityNet

The ACO Data Management Challenge

Make Actionable Data into Actionable Results

What To Expect During Your First Year In An ACO

Next Steps for 2015 PQRS Reporting

Will You Benefit from Joining an ACO?

September Healthcare Quality News

Primary Care Teams: Take Internal Communication to the Next Level

Healthcare Intelligence Network: CEO Richard A. Royer Featured on Care Coordination

The Efficiency Side Effect You’ll Love

Is Poor Quality Costing You?

Are you prepared for collection of the Influenza Immunization measure?

Maximizing Data for Better Chronic Disease Management

September Featured Registry: CathPCI

CMS Determines Revenues for Medicare Advantage

What good is population health analytics?

Population Health Drives Hospital Collaboration

EHRs: Your Defense against Care Transition Breakdowns

QHR: Look Out for Primaris in Orlando! 

Examining The Cost of PCMH Certification

Care Coordination’s Out-of-Network Disconnect

QHR: Look Out for Primaris in Orlando!

Are Primary Care Providers Responsible for Population Health Management?

Questions and Answers from Perinatal Care Webinar

21 Quick Tips for Better Managing Population Health

PCMH in 2014, Ten Things to Know

August Healthcare Quality News

How Primaris Is Paving the Road to PCMH Certification

Richard A. Royer on Accountable Care, EHR Meaningful Use

August Hot Topics from the QualityNet Listserv

PCMH Requirements: A Look at Accessibility and Patient Education

Two Things Every Physician Needs To Do When Seeking PCMH Certification

Who Will Be on Your Value-Based Healthcare Team?

Becoming a PCMH Provider: Motivation to Conquer the Challenge

New Measures Coming, Alive with Learning

The MACRA Lowdown

Almost Half of Americans used Health IT in 2014

Why PCMH Certification is Worthwhile and Where to Begin

July Newsletter

July Hot Topics on the QualityNet ListServ

PQRS GPRO: What to Do in the Next 6 Months

Real Population Health Management Is Within Reach

Is Firing a Patient Acceptable?

How-Tos for Using Data to Improve Total Patient Management

June Newsletter

Your First Step for Successful Population Health Management

The Economics Behind Why You Need Total Population Health Management

Five Factors for Successful Population Health

Why Total Population Health Management is So Hot Now

Pick Your Partner for Healthcare Quality Improvement Success

20 Stats and Preventive Care Facts

Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock Updates

Three Horrible Mistakes You're Making With Chronic Disease Management

Executive Buy-In: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

Are You Ready for the June 30 PQRS GPRO Deadline?

How to Build Physician Buy-In for Chronic Disease Management

7 Surprising Stats About Chronic Diseases

Optimize Efficiency Now to Maximize Revenue

The Patient’s Role in Chronic Disease Management

How Registry Reporting Can Power Performance Improvement

Chronic Disease Management: Translating Evidence into Action

Primaris CEO featured in Healthcare Finance News

Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Building a Value-Based Healthcare Team

3 Signs You Need Help with Care Coordination

Keep up with Primaris news

How is Septic Shock Determined for New Sepsis Management Bundle?

Primaris CEO Featured in H&HN Daily on Transforming Care Coordination

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4 Steps to Get Real Value Out of Your EHR Systems

2015 New Required Web-Based Hospital Outpatient Measures

CathPCI Key Data Elements Pocket Cards Available

5 Steps for Financial Success in a Value-Based Payment Environment

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Patients Want to Hear From YOU

Physician Communication is Foundation of Care Coordination

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Top 10 Specification Manual Changes for 2015 Quality Reporting

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Moving Discharge Summaries from History Reports to Action Items

Clarification on Guidelines for Breast Milk Feeding Quality Measures

Six Key Processes to Better Care Coordination

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Four Reasons You Need to Focus on Physician-to-Physician Communication

The Revolving Hospital Door: It's Time to Improve Care Coordination

PQRS GPRO Deadline Extended

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Dementia

Sepsis measure suspended until further notice

Medicare’s Financial Health Improving, Part B Premiums Remain the Same

Fist Bumping to Prevent Infection

Two-Midnight Rule Primer: What Abstractors Need to Know

Affordable Care Act may improve quality of care, nation’s healthcare ranking

Ghostbusters and QIO Program Turn 30: Who You Gonna Call for Medicare Concerns?

Almost 2,000 Medicare cases reviewed for quality

A Look at the Changes Coming to QIO Program

Ohio-based KEPRO will provide Missouri case review services beginning August 1

Outcomes Congress

For best results, include all hospital employees in quality improvement efforts

Last Day for Open Enrollment

Primaris to host Meaningful Use audit prep webinar April 9

OIG report: 1 in 5 nursing home residents suffer adverse event

Changes to the QIO program beginning August 2014

Talking Mats help nursing home residents communicate

March 31 is Deadline to Enroll in Health Insurance

Top 5 Things to Know About the Affordable Care Act

Mo. Latinos have expanded health insurance options under ACA

Reduce Pressure Ulcers With Proper Skin Care, Risk Management

Alzheimer's: Year in Review

Downward trend in readmissions continues

Primaris employees collect school supplies for day cares

An estimated 135 million people will have dementia by 2050

Meaningful-use deadline pushed back one year

Text messages reduce ER visits, increase healthy habits in diabetes patients

Study shows foam mattresses may prevent pressure ulcers

Free presentation on the Affordable Care Act and Marketplace Insurance program

4 in 10 Missourians will be able to select zero-cost Bronze plan in Marketplace

Illinois hospitals reduce number of preventable harmful events

American patients want online access to medical records

Primaris Program Manager honored with award

Study: number of adults with dementia will triple by 2050

Hospital-acquired infections cost $10 billion annually

About Primaris' Navigator and Consumer Counseling Services

Five-point program increases blood pressure control rate

Missouri opens health data exchange

Primaris granted $1 million in federal funds, recognized by national magazine

Proposed rule for 2014 PQRS and value-based modifer program

American Health Care Association is latest to speak out against regional QIOs

Patient safety collaborative reduces hospital-acquired infections and costs

Patient-centered program reduces hospitalizations, increases preventative care

Three-part webinar series on early dementia detection and management

Nicotine Dependence Treatment Training Available to Missouri Providers

Coordinated care organizations help reduce frequent ER visits

EHRs may enhance physician-patient relationships

Health care is local; QIOs should be too

Free publication explains how to engage the business community in preventative health care

Study: Dedicated cleaning staff can reduce CDI in hospitals

HHS secretary promotes heart-health campaign in new online video

CUSP project helps hospitals prevent hundreds of deaths, according to final AHRQ report

Costly hospital readmissions decrease when Medicare QIOs involved, JAMA study reports

CMS names Kansas City group among partners to help patients during transitions of care

Hospital providers can learn about Medicare non-coverage rules, earn CEUs, at free teleconference Feb. 6

Primaris employees blog at 2012 QualityNet Conference

Medicare rule pays for nurses to effectively manage care transitions

Study: Bed alarms do not reduce falls

Statewide call for National Rural Health Day events

Better tools to help providers with new readmission rules

Thirteen Missouri hospitals named "Top Performers in Key Quality Measures" by Joint Commission

CMS features Missouri hospital, Primaris board member, in care transitions success story

Primaris: One of the Top 100 Best Places to Work in Healthcare

Joint Commission unveils tool to improve communication between caregivers

More than 2,000 MO providers earn $150 million in EHR incentives - CMS

More than 14 million Medicare patients use healthcare law's preventive services in 2012 - CMS

Becker's: Ten ways to reduce hospital readmissions

NYT: E-prescriptions, fewer medical errors linked

Depression, no social support linked to readmissions in stroke patients - study

HAI raises risk of blood clots, readmissions in seniors, Michigan study says

Integrated care programs reduce readmissions among elderly patients - European study

Study: In-hospital checklists reduce readmissions among heart-failure patients

Study: Hospitals with certified infection control director show lower rates of MRSA bloodstream infections

Hospital Readmission Rates Higher for Chronic Conditions

Most Clostridium Difficile Infections Start in Healthcare Facilities

Chicago's Mount Sinai reduces readmissions with Project RED

Most adverse hospital events not reported, agency reports

Prevention Practices for Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections Lacking in Most U.S. Hospitals

Health IT Leaders Launch Information Sharing Website

C. difficile infections prolong hospital stays, study reports

Better health opportunities during National Influenza Vaccination Week

Primaris supports National Rural Health Day - Nov. 17

Fewer Medicare Heart Failure Patients Hospitalized - JAMA study

Study: Simply worded explanations improve patients' understanding of medicines

Eight Missouri hospitals named "top performers" by Joint Commission

NEJM: "Burdensome" care transitions associated with poor end-of-life care quality

CDC: Flu shots for children increased last year, decreased for older adults

Survey: Social media tools help some quit smoking

MU announces rural-nurse training initiative

Journal: Medicare patients’ chances are better during complex surgery

Missouri’s Medicaid EHR Incentive Program Attestation Now Open

News for providers: Joplin Tornado

Medicare payment and quality system to change

Meaningful Use attestation begins today

Reform group: Quality, not geography, more relevant to efficient care

NEJM: Follow-up physician visits absent in many readmission cases

Teleconference offers help for physicians seeking EHR grants

Study: Physicians in Midwest more likely to be eligible for EHR incentives

Federal officials propose rules for how states can innovate own healthcare reform

Still time to register for April Patient-Safety Conference in Columbia

Research center: Health-related costs exceed market related ones in treating Medicare patients

HHS unveils new data service to search for diagnostic indicators

How to control U.S. healthcare costs? IOM reports ideas

Organizational change expert to address patient-safety conference

CMS: Registration for federal EHR program begins

Primaris receives URAC re-accreditation

Overconsumption can be an as-"salt" on health

Final regulations define "meaningful use" for physicians interested in electronic records

Help is available for Missouri physicians switching to EHR systems

Recommended documentation guidelines for the diagnosis of Acute Renal Failure

Wanted: Doctors to help us make a healthier Missouri

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