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Don't Let Your Data Flatline.

Download our ebook, "7 Stages of the Health Data Life Cycle," for information on understanding and utilizing your quality health data.

7 Stages of the Health Data Life Cycle 7 Stages of Health Data Life Cycle - ebook - COVER IMAGE

The digital age of healthcare is here, but the promising benefits, from electronic health records (EHRs) to wearable technology and other features intended to improve patient health and lower the cost of care, will occur only as a result of harvesting – and ultimately using – data that is accurate, reliable, and actionable. At this point, it’s almost cliché – but truer than ever – to say that there’s a veritable ocean of healthcare data flooding clinicians, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), hospitals, payers, and other vital sectors of the health care industry.

In the age of value-based healthcare, data is the key that will allow providers to be financially successful in the future as payments become more heavily based on value, and patients seek providers that meet their growing expectations.

The often-perplexing and overwhelming process from finding the data to using the data has several steps, each with its own challenges. We’ve developed a seven-stage health data life cycle list to break it down. Learn about each stage in our ebook. 

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