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Are you looking for help as you begin to make plans and prepare for QAPI? Then you may want to take a closer look at Primaris. At its roots, Primaris is a quality improvement organization whose mission aligns closely with the purpose of QAPI. In fact, Primaris’ stated mission is to improve clinical outcomes and the overall patient experience. QAPI is meant to do the same thing through the marriage of Quality Assurance (QA),which focuses on clinical quality, and Performance Improvement (PI), which pertains to the resident's quality of life.

Here is a quick list of five ways Primaris can help your nursing home with QAPI:

1. Data analysis
CMS encourages nursing homes to develop a plan for collecting and using QAPI data. The first step in Primaris' healthcare improvement model is to gather baseline performance data to evaluate how you align with the often pre-determined success thresholds. We work with clients to help them gain insights from their data in order to make improvements.

2. Root cause analysis
All of Primaris’ services include root cause analysis. Whether we are talking about patient experience, care coordination, operational efficiency or another area, we work to identify the root of problems so we can develop long-term solutions.

Wondering how a QAPI program may effect you financially? Our previous blog, "Why You Can't Afford Not to Have a QAPI Program," discusses how it can cost you if you don't have a plan in place.

3. Developing a quality-driven culture
QAPI is more than a plan; It is a complete culture change. Throughout Primaris' more than three decades in the quality business, one of the things we have become experts at is helping healthcare leaders create a culture within their organization that values quality. To do this we involve executive level leaders, as well as staff in every level and department of nursing homes and other healthcare organizations.This is vital for a successful QAPI Program. Employees at every level must be on board and engaged. 

4. Understanding patient satisfaction and developing patient experience strategies
Primaris has an entire solution dedicated to patient experience. We can help you develop patient experience strategies that go beyond patient satisfaction. We understand the importance of including family members and residents in healthcare decisions.

5. Ongoing training to support improvement efforts
Working with Primaris means you will have help developing improvement strategies and processes. But it also means you will have ongoing training and support to ensure that you are executing those strategies effectively. QAPI is not something that happens overnight. It takes time to make changes and improvements throughout a nursing home. As you work toward your goals, we will help you measure your progress and provide assistance to keep you moving in the right direction. 

*Some services are not available in Missouri. Contact us today for more detail. 

Quality improvement has been a cornerstone of Primaris for more than 30 years. To learn more about our services and how we can help with your QAPI efforts, contact us today.

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