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Are You Drowning in Healthcare Data?

The Five P's of Clincal Data Abstraction Outsourcing
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Are your quality reporting demands pulling you under? Let Primaris help. 

For years, healthcare providers have struggled with not only hundreds of possible quality measures, but also multiple entities to which they are required to report. Now that quality accounts for 50 percent of your MIPS score, the challenge is even greater.

Health systems and their practices must prepare for the evolving reporting and reimbursement requirements. Having the right external partners in place will be critical to the success of health systems and their practices as they prepare for these new realities.

Outsourcing your quality measures can help you avoid these complications and realize cost savings, especially if you find a partner who values the 5 “Ps”: people, passion, process, performance, and partnership.

Download our e-book to learn more about how we can help you improve clinical outcomes, patient experience, and the bottom line. 

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