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When the Group Practice Reporting Option (GPRO) morphed into CMS Web Interface (CWI) reporting in 2017, accountable care organizations and larger physician practices recognized that the most pressing issues of CWI were the same as GPRO.

Here’s a quick recap of three of those headaches, presented as a list of what not to do.

Problem #1: Scrambling to meet
the reporting deadline.
One of the biggest challenges associated with CWI (just as it was with GPRO) is the very short time period and the crunch that staff felt while trying to get everything done by the deadline. Unfortunately, that has not changed.

In 2020, teams will only have from January through March to complete reporting. When you consider that most teams will need to dive into 4,000 (or more) medical charts during the reporting season, it is imperative that you start early and allow enough time to get through the workload. Otherwise, teams will again be scrambling and stressed when the deadline nears.

Problem #2: Not taking time to make adjustments before submitting data.
Just the time it takes to abstract data from medical charts can overextend staff. Many teams work right up until the deadline to complete abstraction, and then they have to submit their data without examining it closely. The problem these teams run into is that they don’t have a chance to analyze their data or make sure it is complete.

To solve this, teams need to identify and locate all data sources that allow them to complete abstraction sooner, so they have some cushion before the reporting deadline. That could mean adding more staff or outsourcing abstraction.

Problem #3: Finding out during (or after) abstraction
that your records don’t contain the data you need.
Medical records that are missing data or contain incorrect information are a frequent issue for the abstraction process. And finding out after reporting has started that your electronic health record (EHR) is not set up to capture the information you need is too late.

Before the reporting period begins, it is a good idea to look at the questions you ask patients and consider whether you are capturing the necessary information. This will help ensure that you don’t run into problems during abstraction.

Whether we’ve learned to call it CWI by now – or still call it GPRO, as Google analytics clearly indicate – the process certainly is a daunting challenge. The stress of CWI Year 3 likely will increase if these three lessons have to be repeated. By preparing now you can avoid some of the most common struggles that plague teams during reporting season.

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