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2016 PQRS GPRO Registration Now Open: Five Steps You Can Take to Prepare

Posted by Revee White on Apr 12, 2016 10:00:00 AM

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Registration is now open to self-nominate your group for GPRO for 2016 PQRS reporting.  You must select the method of reporting you plan to use, so please decide this prior to registering.  Registration is open from April 1 through June 30.  Complete information is now available  on the registration page.

GPROs may report using the GPRO Web Interface, EHR-Direct/Data Submission Vendor, Qualified Registry or Qualified Clinical Data Registry.  If your group (TIN) has 100 or more providers, you must report CAHPS for PQRS.  Groups of 2-99 MAY elect to report CAHPS, if they desire. 

Here are five steps to take to prepare for 2016 group reporting:

  1. Document the pros and cons of different group and individual-provider methods to socialize with the decision-making team at your organization.
  2. Check to what extent your Electronic Health Record (EHR) or other necessary health IT systems will support your chosen reporting method.
  3. Beware of hidden administrative burdens and drawbacks of reporting methods.
  4. Consider how to monitor performance of PQRS measures for your chosen  group or individual-provider reporting method. Consider doing a benchmarking project in the next few months to see how you're doing on the GPRO measures. We can help. 

    Download our Benchmarking Case Study below to see how we’ve helped clients identify opportunities for improvements and provide proactive solutions.

  5. In advance of June 30, 2016, review and prepare the information required by CMS to declare your GPRO reporting method.

Over the next few months, we'll be scheduling educational webinars with more information about the 2016 GPRO measures, including abstraction flow and recommendations for improvement. Sign up for our newsletter to get updates on webinar dates.

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Primaris performs GPRO abstraction and benchmarking. Read more about how our new PQRS tool streamlines the process

Since starting GPRO abstraction in 2013, Primaris customer base has grown quickly. If you're interested in Primaris' help with abstraction next year, please reach out to us at engage@primaris.org today. Due to the short time period, we only take a limited number of clients. For more information about our abstraction services, visit http://primaris.org/core-measures-abstraction/pqrs-grpo-abstraction

Download a copy of 5 Steps for Financial Success in a Value-Based Payment Environment to learn what steps your organization can take to maximize operational efficiency and be better positioned for value-based payment.

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