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Data is the key to advancing healthcare.

Reliable data is one of the essential ingredients necessary for advancing healthcare. Tracking evidence-based scientifically researched standards of care has been shown to improve clinical outcomes. 
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Do you know how data registries are transforming the future of healthcare? 

Registries, like the American College of Cardiology National Cardiovascular Data Registry (NCDR) and the American Heart Association Get With the Guidelines registries, are cgaining recognition for the many benefits they offer providers, patients and the healthcare industry overall.

Providers — who are now being paid based on their ability to deliver quality patient care — appreciate the intelligence registries offer. Providers that utilize registries and make quality improvements increase their ability to earn payment reimbursements and avoid penalties. In some cases, registry participation is required for earning reimbursements or receiving accreditation.

Patients benefit from registries because they help providers learn about diseases over time, and they also enable providers to develop patient-specific, evidence-based treatment plans. Plus, data from registries can be used to drive progress across the entire healthcare industry. 

Download a copy of our white paper on Registry Abstraction and how you can use data to advance your healthcare organization to learn how to be ahead of the curve when it comes to registry abstractions, including how to:

  • How to keep up-to-date with what measures registries report on, studying requirements for submitting data, and how to monitor registries for any changes.
  • Generate quality data that can help you evaluate risk, make evidence-based decisions, and determine the best and most effective courses of treatment for patients. 
  • How to identify members of your staff who are best suited for abstraction and provide those people with training and support to carry out their assignments.

Download your complimentary copy